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Learn to Code in One Month

Apr 30, 2019

In just 10 minutes Chris Castiglione (@castig) of shares his advice on How to Build a Website from Scratch. ❤️  When should you use Squarespace? WordPress? Or build the website from scratch?

As a web developer with over ten years of experience (working on sites from Toyota, The Grand Central Oyster Bar and dozens of startups), people are often asking him, "Can you build me a website?"

In this episode, Chris gives a framework for helping you decide: 

  • When you should use a CMS like Squarespace, WordPress, or Wix.
  • When might you want to learn to code and build it yourself from scratch?
  • Should you hire a web developer or outsource to


Ultimately, the two questions you want to ask when building a new website boil down to two factors: 

  • Ease — How easy do you want this to be? 
  • Customizable — How customizable do you want this to be?


In less than 10 minutes, Chris will share best practices, questions, and cost when deciding how to build a new website.

Visit for the podcast transcript, links mentioned in this episode, and to listen to more episodes of the Learn to Code Podcast.