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Learn to Code in One Month

May 2, 2019

Meaghan Jones (@meaghanwonder) graduated from UC Berkeley with a Masters in Latin America Studies. Having grown up in California, Meaghan always dreamed of working and living abroad. She loved Latin America, and so "Latin American Politics" seemed like her to working abroad!

She arrived in Brazil, and hit a wall. At first, Meaghan had a difficult time getting work. She ended up teaching English for a few months, but always had the feeling that she could be doing something more, she wanted to work somewhere that she could continue actively learning on the job, and she wanted a job that matched her creative potential. Meaghan returned to the States, and that’s when she joined Epicodus, a coding bootcamp in Portland, OR. Meaghan worked hard, and learned to code in just 6 months. Since graduating from Epicodus's coding bootcamp Meaghan has landed a job at Hotjar, working remotely from San Paolo, Brazil.

(Meaghan is also One Month alumni! When Meaghan joined Hotjar she enrolled in One Month’s Learn Python course, and we met soon after!)

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